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Angle FREE Tone Shaper VST Plugin by HoRNet

Angle FREE Tone Shaper VST Plugin

HoRNet has released Angle, a free tilt EQ and saturation plugin in VST, AU formats for Windows and Mac.

Inside this plugin is an analog processing mode based on HoRNet’s Analog Stage plug-in.

The user interface of the HoRNet Angle is simple and functional.

HoRNet Angle is a normal Tilt EQ. However, activating the analog mode will add harmonics to the processed audio signal.

The result is a subtly improved and warmer sound. The tilt frequency of the angle is 650 Hz and can not be moved to any other part of the spectrum.

In addition to the analog switch already mentioned, the plug-in provides input and output volume controls with automatic amp mode.

Angle also provides oversampling, which is internally adjusted to minimize aliasing.

Basically, the HoRNet Angle is a kind of equalizer based on the Tilt EQ concept.

Since the tilt frequency in the Angle is set to 650 Hz, turning the Tilt slider to the right increases the content above that point and decreases the volume on the other side of the frequency spectrum.


  • Tilt EQ adjustable from -18dB to +18dB
  • Input and output gain controls with auto-gain
  • Input and output peak meters
  • Analog emulation based on AnalogStage’s OpAmp model
  • Bypass button to exclude the plugin processing

The plugin is available in AU, VST2.4, VST3, and AAX plugin formats and can be downloaded (27.9 MB ZIP-File) for free from the developer’s website (link below).

In order to download you need to share it on Facebook or Twitter, also, a free registration is needed.

Download Link: Angle



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