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Analog Pro – Tape Saturation Plugin by Initial-Audio

Initial Audio - Analog Pro LoFi Saturation Tape Plugin

Initial Audio is announcing the release of Analog Pro, a new VST / AU audio plugin dedicated to simulating the lo-fi heat of analog equipment such as tape machines, valves, and vinyl. Analog Pro by Initial Audio is designed to give the digital “cold” the popular analog “warmth”. The plug-in achieves this through the simulation of tape machines, turntables, and tube amplifiers.

Analog Pro offers users a range of settings such as Noise, Type, Impulse Type, Impulse Mix, Emphasis, Stereo, Low, and High Cut. In addition, Analog Pro has a wet/dry (“Amount”) and a scalable user interface. According to its developers, the effect is responsible for simulating imperfections and alterations that various types of analog equipment exert on the signal.

The graphical user interface is very beautiful and rich in detail. It is actually reminiscent of the old devices. Even the knobs shout “Serve Me!” You can adjust the amount of tape or vinyl you want, as well as Emphasis, Stereo Width, Lowcut, and Highcut. Some presets are included.

Of course, there is a lot of competition in the market here, but that does not mean that this plug-in meets your taste and sound, which you’ve always been looking for. That’s why only a self-test helps here, which you can do in the near future at a really attractive price.

Initial Audio Analog Pro plugin is available in our store at a special price of $ 29. Its regular price will be $ 79. It works as a VST plugin and Audio Unit, on Windows and Mac.

Link: Analog Pro

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