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Analog Fusion Synthesizer Announced by FingerSonic

Analog Fusion Hardware Synthesizer

The Italian audio company FingerSonic has announced the Analog Fusion which is a synthesizer with two completely separate analog and digital synthesizer engines. Analog Fusion will be capable of creating warm analog sounds or pure digital sounds or layer both, which obviously wants to open up new synthesis possibilities.

There is already a 6-operator FM synthesizer with 6-voice polyphonic playable. Probably designed hybrid, the synth works with FM, wavetables or classical analog. Each of the 6 voices available consists of 2 oscillators (3 waveforms: saw, pulse, triangle) with PWM, 3 LFOs, hard sync, ring modulation, multimode filter, white and pink noise. The oscillators are tunable and the entire analog circuit consists of discrete components, no FPGA or ASIC.

In addition, there is a digital FM tone generation, arpeggiators, 5 separate sequencer tracks, via which alternatively 10 drums per samples can be played. A digital effects section, as well as an integrated bass synth with 24 db / oct low-pass filter, should offer even more possibilities. Equipped with a 3-octave keyboard, USB, MIDI, and CV / Gate are included as standard.

The synthesizer will most likely arrive in summer 2019 and be produced in Italy. Until then stay close with ProducerSpot for more news from the music production industry.

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