Alternator MAC AU Synthesizer Plugin by Sinevibes

Alternator MAC Synthesizer Plugin

Sinevibes have just released Alternator, a new monophonic synthesizer plugin available for MAC OS, only. It consists of three modules: an oscillator, a filter, and an effect module.

  • Oscillator: tracks for gate, waveform (saw, square, FM sine, waveshaped sine), pitch and pitch modulation envelope.
  • Filter: tracks for filter type (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject), frequency and frequency modulation envelope.
  • Effect: tracks for effect type (frequency shifter, phaser, flanger, decimator), parameter and parameter modulation envelope.

This plugin brings a new approach to sound creation: Alternator’s every single parameter of its engine is sequenced. Each module have their own separate step sequencers which can be used to change every property of the patch in a rhythmical fashion: oscillator waveform and pitch, modulation envelopes, even filter and effect types.

Each sequencer has its own step count, duration, timing, swing, and lag settings. Also, Alternator features 12 separate parameter snapshots in a single preset, switchable via MIDI keyboard or host automation.

The graphic interface is easy to use with a fluid design with multiple utility functions for copying, looping and shifting individual sequences or whole snapshots. To remember that it supports multi-touch gestures and force touch on compatible trackpad devices.

Alternator is available for MAC OS X 10.6 or later as Audio Unit instrument plugin (32-bit/64-bit). Priced at $61.55, it can be purchased directly from PluginBoutique website (link below).

More Details: Alternator


$9,99 DEALS


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