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Alesis Announced The Brand New Strike MultiPad

Alesis Strike Multipad

Alesis has just introduced a new sample-pad, the Alesis Strike Multipad. The name is based on the current E-Drum series of the manufacturer, of which we had u.a. already the Strike Pro Kit in the test.

Equipped is the Strike Multipad with nine velocity-sensitive pads. Each pad has a colored RGB LED to simplify the sorting of samples. Slightly recessed to protect it from knocks, the control panel has a 4.3-inch display that not only lets you select and assign sounds to a pad, but also lets you manipulate the sound’s waveform. Various encoders and buttons are used to control, set and edit markers, loops etc.

The Alesis Strike Multipad ships with 32 GB of internal memory. These are already filled with 6 GB of loops, samples, and other data, including drum, percussion, but also melodic sounds and samples. Own samples can either be imported via USB or you can sample directly with the Multipad.

Strike Multipad by Alesis

The Multipad is capable of recording, editing and looping samples directly from various sound sources such as smartphones, microphones or USB. There are also five integrated effects processors available. Connections include three external trigger inputs, a hi-hat connection, two footswitch controls, USB and MIDI jacks, record in with gain control, main out, aux out and two headphone outputs. The included software includes Ableton Live Lite and Avid Pro Tools First.

Several samples can be stored in one kit. Three effects are available per kit, and the Alesis Strike Multipad also has a master effect as well as a compressor and equalizer. Thanks to the individual outputs, the sounds of the Multipad can be variably routed. In addition to a master output, the new Alesis Pad offers a stereo aux output and a headphone jack. On the input side, the Strike Multipad provides a stereo input.

Alesis Strike Multipad is available for 699, – US-Dollar.

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