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Acoustic Phase5 – Korg Berlin’s New Method Of Synthesis

Acoustic Synthesis Phase 5 Prototype

Phase5 from KORG is a kind of experimental setup. Electrical and acoustic components are combined here. The prototype has 12 sound forks, called resonators here, in different tunings, which are not made to vibrate mechanically, but with the help of an electromagnet.

Limited information on the new tech is available, but it is said to combine the sonic richness of real physically vibrating bodies with synth-like control. The Phase_5 uses tuned metal forks that produce specific fundamental notes and overtones, which means it has certain qualities that you wouldn’t find in your average synth.

For example, when held near an amp it will feedback like a guitar and ring when struck on its side. To work, the forks are hit with a hammer (much like a piano), but the “hammer” within this synth is electromagnetic.

The advantage of this concept is that the sound fork does not necessarily decay naturally as usual, but can be stimulated over a longer period of time. In addition, a feedback system has been integrated that can be regulated and thus ensures different results.

What a concrete product based on this technology could look like has not yet been decided, but there were many discussions at the Superbooth 2023 and suggestions were taken away.



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