Acon Digital Acoustica 7 Audio Ediging Software

Acon Digital Acoustica 7 Audio Editing Software

Acon Digital’s audio editor Acoustica 7 is a complete software solution for audio editing, audio mastering, and audio restoration for both Mac and PC. Acoustica 7 audio editor is available in a Standard Edition and Premium Edition with an extended range of functions.

The Premium Edition supports multi-channel formats up to 7.1 surround systems. In addition, the new spectral processing mode of the Premium Edition enables precise interventions during the restoration. Restoration tools such as DeClick, DeClip, DeNoise, and DeHum are integrated, as are the Equalize, Verberate, and Multiply plug-in tools.

With the last version, Mac users now have the advantage that the software runs natively on Apple silicon processors such as the Apple M1. The associated plugins are also compatible with Apple Silicon. Four new plugins were also added into the editor. Memory requirements have also been reduced.

The Remix tool allows you to decompose a mix into five stems. Audio data is now compressed or lengthened using the Time Stretch and Transpose tools. Acoustica can also be used for podcasts and mastering. The Rotate Phase tool has been integrated for both adaptive and fixed phase rotation.

Powerful retouching algorithms and multi-channel support with 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos can be used. Also, it includes a caption editor for creating and editing subtitles for video productions, as well as transcriptions.

Acon Digital Acoustica 7 is available in a Premium Edition ($199). The software runs on Windows and Mac systems and is suitable for comprehensive audio editing.

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