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Accordion Sound Library for Kontakt by Ilya Efimov

Accordion Sound Library for Kontakt by Ilya Efimov

Accordion Sound Library for Kontakt (from Native Instruments) by Ilya Efimov is a new sound bank with 4 timbres for the right keyboard and two basses for the left keyboard. All created for use with NI Kontakt.

The accordion sound library lets the player select a single timbre or to combine multiple timbres using any of the available 15 registers, just like a real accordion does. The dynamics of the instrument changes in accordance to the timbre selection which allows for a very natural-sounding performance. It’s of course possible to control the attack envelope of the sound as well as the mechanical noise levels coming from keys and a bellow.

Accordion Kontakt Instrument by Ilya Efimov


  • 2288 accordion samples 1,7 GB (compressed NCW).
  • 44.1 kHz 24-bit Stereo.
  • Natural dynamic changes.
  • 15 registers – right keyboard.
  • 2 registers – left keyboard.
  • Round-Robin X 3.
  • Prepared articulations: Sustain, Staccato, Crescendo.
  • Flexible control of the attack.
  • Several modes of attack.
  • Detune, Key Noise, Bellow, Release, Round Robin.
  • Automatic noise control.
  • Repetition key.
  • Vibrato key.

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