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Abletunes Knobs Free VST/AU Plugins by Abletunes

Abletunes Knobs Free VST Plugin

Abletunes has released Abletunes Knobs, a collection of three free plugins: Drive, Space and Attack that will help you to solve certain specific problems faster, spending less effort, especially during the production stage as sometimes you need to act fast to grab the mood and feel of the moment, leaving the fine­tuning for a mixdown stage. Also, you can use Abletunes Knobs in live­ performing situations.

Drive Knob is a stereo distortion unit, Attack Knob is a simplified transient shaper and Space Knob is a mid­sized stereo reverb.

Each of these three free plugins are looking very nice with and features MIDI automation, namely FX Level and ON/OFF switches.

Another good part is that these plugins do not consume a lot of resources so you can use them in multiple instances throughout the mix without having to worry that you will kill the processor.

Again — all three are free of charge so we do recommend to give them a try.

Abletunes Knobs are available in both VST/AU formats and 32/64 bit versions so they will fit almost every music software (DAW) out there.

The installation process is pretty simple: you must run the .exe/.pkg file, select the destination folder, and you’re done.

More Details: Abletunes Knobs

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