Ableton Synth Rack Released by Sample Magic

Ableton Synth Rack

Sample Magic has released Ableton Synth Rack, a collection of poly and monophonic multi-synths from analogue classics: SH-101 styled bass, lush Juno-60 pads, glassy Mono/Poly stabs and roaring SH-09 funk leads.

Ableton Synth Rack comes complete with a classic palette of hardware synth sounds perfect for deep house, nu-disco, future pop and more.

Ableton Synth Rack includes 127 hardware-sourced presets optimized for Ableton, all with customized filters, ENVs, and processing. Also, it features two tiers of 8 macro controls, this causing it to be one of the Sample Magic’s best synth solutions to date.

Let’s take a look at what is inside:


  • Preset – Changes the selected chord out of 127 available presets.
  • Volume – Increase or decrease the perceived gain.
  • Hardness – A vintage-simulated distortion.
  • S Start – Adjust the start point of the recorded sample
  • Filter Frequency – Adjust the frequency value of the filter.
  • VE Attack – Change attack value of the volume envelope.
  • VE Sustaion – Change sustain value of the volume envelope.
  • VE Release – Change release value of the volume envelope.


  • Chorus – Turns on an analogue modelled chorus effect.
  • Reverb – Turns on reverberation, turn to the right to increase perceived amount.
  • Phaser – Phase the synth sound for a vintage movement effect.
  • Ph-Rate – Set the rate of phase.
  • Delay – A retro sounding ping-pong delay, turn the macro all the way to the right for a 100% wet sound.
  • D-Rhythm – Set the rhythmic value of the delay.
  • LP/HP Filter – Toggle between a low-pass or hi-pass filter effect.
  • Compressor – Compress the signal with a vintage-modelled compressor.

Ableton Synth Rack needs Ableton Live 9.5 (or higher) and is available for purchase priced at £16.90 GBP.

More Details: Ableton Synth Rack

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