Ableton Live 9.6 is Available for Download Now

Ableton updates their popular music software Ableton Live to v9.6. Ableton Live 9.6 brings new improvements to the Push controller, Link support and bug fixes.

The most important feature is the Link, a new Ableton technology that enables all Live users to collaborate on tracks in real time via a WiFi network.

Ableton Live 9.6 also adds enhanced responsiveness with their Push controller and improvements in the way the device’s colour screen displays the information, plus other tweaks. You can now lock the ‘Mute’, ‘Solo’ and ‘Stop Clip’ by holding the respective button.

If you don’t like Live 9.6’s clip coloring you can change it back to the old random clip coloring.

Live 9.6 adds control surface support for Arturia’s KeyLab, BeatStep, and MiniLab, also for other devices like Alesis VX series controllers.

Live 9.6 is a free upgrade for all Ableton Live current users. You can read the full list of new improvements and features, changes and bug fixes on Ableton Live 9.6 release notes (check the link below).

More Details: Ableton Live 9.6

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