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Ableton Live 10: New Synth, New Effects, New Features

Ableton Live 10 New Version, New Features

A few days ago Ableton Live 10 has been released. After the Live 9 version released back in 2012, no major update has happened until now.

Ableton Live is one of the most popular or even the most popular music production program used by many producers around the world because of its extensive capabilities.

The new Ableton Live 10 update benefits from various revisions and many improvements.

Ableton Live 10 comes now with a new synthesizer, three fresh effects, a redesigned sound library, fine-tuning workflow and a fully integrated Max for Live, plus some exciting features.

The new synth in Ableton Live 10 is simply called “wavetable” and as its name suggests is a synthesizer based on wavetables.

Ableton Live 10 Wavetable Synthesizer

Ableton Live 10 Wavetable Synth

Ableton Live 10 offers a fresh delay effect named “Echo” with replicas of all kinds of hardware and delay-time modulation. Furthermore, “Drum Buss” which is a multi-effect for drums and basses. Finally, “pedal” with analog floor effect devices of all stripes.

Ableton Live 10 Echo Effect

Ableton Live 10 New Effects

The workflow itself has undergone several small custom work with new features such as Capture, but the well-proven EQ Eight also has more complete features.

Ableton Live 10 Workflow

The sound library has expanded with four new packs and improved its searchability, and the Push Controller will finally be able to step-sequencing in real-time in the same view.

You can now completely integrate Live 10 with Max for Live. This is not only convenient and powerful, but integration is faster and more stable.

Like previous editions, Ableton Live 10 comes in three versions: Intro, Standard, and Suite.

They share common features, but the Standard and Suite versions offer additional options in terms of instruments, effects, and content.

They allow you to create audio and MIDI clips and then trigger them into a matrix.

In short, an indispensable tool to develop your musical production skills!

The standard version of Ableton Live 10 will cost € 349, while the Suite will be € 599. The Intro version will be the most affordable, priced at just € 79.

The biggest hits of the year 2018 and the following years will be produced using Ableton Live 10, be sure of that!

Find out more details about the new Live 10 here: Ableton Live

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