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Abbey Road Reverb Plates Plugin by Waves

Abbey Road Reverb Plates (EMT 140)

Waves has announced the availability of Abbey Road Reverb Plates, a new audio plugin that simulates the four legendary EMT 140 reverb plates housed at Abbey Road Studios and used most prominently in the ‘60s and ‘70s by pioneering bands, including the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Abbey Road Studios first installed the original reverb plates in 1957 to complement the fixed reverberation times of the studios’ echo chambers. Abbey Road’s technical engineers tweaked these reverb plates to perfection.

How the EMT 140 reverb plates really works?

“In each of these original plates, the stereo reverb effect is created by suspending a large sheet of metal with tensioned springs attached to each corner. A transducer injects the metal sheet with audio energy, which is picked up by two contact mics fixed to the surface of the plate. The reverb time can then be adjusted by using an internal damper, and all of this is contained within a large wooden unit.”

Abbey Road plates have been used on countless musical genres, from pop, rock, classical up to many film recordings over the years, and continue to be used in all kinds of audio production to this day.


  • Precise modeling of four legendary Abbey Road reverb plates (EMT 140), each with its unique character
  • A drive control to set the THD characteristics of the in/out amplifiers and the plate sheet itself
  • Ability to control the amount of analog noise and hum
  • Four original basses cut positionsCrosstalk between the stereo inputs to get a stereo leak effect

Being available in VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native, Audio Units plugin formats, this plugin can be used on any Windows or MAC hosted DAW and video editing software such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Studio One, etc.

Abbey Road Reverb Plates plugin is available for purchase at Waves website or from the authorized reseller, PluginBoutique.com, the biggest plugin-store on Internet.

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