AAS Chromaphone 3 – Physical Modeling Synthesizer Is Out!

AAS Chromaphone 3 VST Plugin

Applied Acoustics System publishes the AAS Chromaphone 3, a revised version of the Physical Modeling Synthesizer. Chromaphone 3 is a synthesizer that emulates physical models of objects. There are eight resonators to choose from, which represent different shapes and materials: Beam, Marimba, Closed Tube, Plate, Drumhead, Membrane, Open Tube, and String.

These objects can be edited extensively and are posted virtually. The sounds of Chromaphone 3 are made up of two layers, which in turn can each couple two resonators, which, according to AAS, is possible for the first time in a synthesizer.

AAS Chromaphone 3 VST Plugin GUI

The surface of Chromaphone 3 has been completely redesigned and now looks very functional. There are no more graphic gimmicks. The new Home View provides direct access to macros for the most important sound properties: modulation, timbre, envelope, and effect. These macros can be controlled with assignable MIDI controllers.

Chromaphone 3 now supports the Scala file format for microtonal scales. The multi-effects section now includes Sports Reverb, Equalizer, Compressor, Tremolo, and a Guitar Amp. The five effect slots can now be arranged in any order.

There is of course a new library that is tailored to the new features. In addition, the existing library of version 2 has been revised and adapted to the new version of the plugin. There is also a newly structured browser that can be used to manage the optional sound packs.

Chromaphone 3 runs under macOS and Windows in all common DAWs (64 bit) as VST2, VST3, AU, AAX Native, NKS, and standalone.

ASS Chromaphone 3 is available now. There is a time-limited offer of $ 99 for the introduction, the regular plugin will cost $ 199. There are corresponding upgrade offers for registered owners of an earlier version.

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