A-List Acoustic Guitarist for Reason by Propellerhead
Propellerhead introduces A-List Acoustic Guitarist, a new Rack Extention instrument for Reason that allow you to create professional guitar tracks.

A-list Acoustic Guitarist combines the realism of sampled loops with the flexibility and control of a live instrument. Play the huge selection of recorded guitar phrases live from your MIDI keyboard with just one finger. You’ll be laying down great-sounding guitar tracks in no time.

With A-list Acoustic Guitarist, you take on the double role of both musician and producer. Use the tonal controls to get just the sounds you are after. Use the play controls to find the musical feel you are after. Swing or straight? On the beat or slightly after? Soft or hard attack? It’s all in there. It also packs a lot of musical ability. It comes with 13 chord types—from major and minor chords to 7ths, sus2s and many more. A-list Acoustic Guitarist covers all musical complexities, yet remains extremely accessible.


  • Designed for a vast array of musical styles
  • 13 chord types—from major and minor chords to 7ths, sus2s and many more
  • Select any of the 50+ styles to find a musical feel that matches your song. There are over 600 phrases in total
  • Download size: 1.2 GB

A-List Acoustic Guitarist for Reason is available for purchase priced at $99 USD.





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