950mx Analog ConsoleHarrison Consoles presents the 950mx, latest analog console for music producers.

The Harrison 950mx Console sports a history-rich analog design incorporating many of the same high-end modular design elements found across a wide range of Harrison console models from eras past such as the 32 Series, MR Series (2, 3, 4, 5 and 7), SeriesTen, SeriesTwelve, MPC and LPC. The 950mx provides a superior analog mixing platform that will cost effectively complement today’s high performance music studio where investments in powerful DAW’s and high-end specialized outboard gear are the norm.

The 950mx was designed by Harrison’s most experienced analog designers, and they were challenged to make the best-sounding, highest-spec analog console available today.

  • Manual PCB layout
  • Robust ground plane design
  • Linear power distribution
  • Gold Euro-card module connectors
  • Gold plated switches
  • Conductive plastic potentiometers
  • 100% through-hole design
  • All I/O is balanced
  • Summing buses carried via PCB’s (no ribbon cable summing buses)
  • These features combine to provide the highest possible performance in analog mixing console design.

The Harrison 950mx frame design is rugged and unique. Designed with input from studio engineers, it is specifically designed to minimize some common ergonomic issues found in today’s studio using DAW and outboard based setups: “Where do I put a keyboard, mouse or trackball and where do I put the computer monitor/s?” The 950m solves those issues by providing a 2-tiered front bolster which is wide and deep enough to comfortably locate a DAW keyboard and mouse or trackball (with sufficient cable access). A generous flat top is ideal for locating DAW monitor/s and/or small speakers. The 950mx module area is supported at a 15 degree pitch providing comfortable viewing access and control immediately above your keyboard, mouse, and DAW control surface(s).

Check the video presentation for this console bellow:

More Details: 950mx Analog Console

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