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500 FREE Drum Samples Created by Dustyroom

FREE Drum Samples

Dustyroom has released a new collection named “Fake Acoustic Drum Kit” that includes over 500 free drum samples created using the Native Instrument’s FM8 software synthesizer.

Fake Acoustic Drum Kit started as a personal project, but then the developer thought, “what the hell, it sounds too interesting, let’s share it with everyone” – these are not exactly the same words, I improvised a little… :)

To create these original free drum samples, guys from Dustyroom has used the FM8 synth from Native Instruments, the result is more than delightful, you’ll find plenty of drums that sound extremely good.

You will find kicks, snares, rimshots, hats, rides, toms, shakers, other perc instruments. The pack also includes sampler instruments for Ableton Live’s Drum Kit, NI Maschine (group), NI Kontakt, Logic’s EXS.

At a glance…

  • 504 Samples
  • 24-bit WAV format, 48 kHz, Stereo
  • Includes a wide variety of drum instruments: kicks, snares, hats etc
  • Completely faked with NI FM8
  • Main samplers/groovebox instruments with shortlisted top samples are included
  • Untreated samples – no post-processing applied except the FX in FM8
  • Everything in the pack licensed CC Zero (CC0)
  • 275 MB on disk (unpacked)

Go an check the official page (link below) for more details, listen to the demos, and the download link. I hope you will enjoy these free drum samples as much as we liked.

More Details: Fake Acoustic Drum Kit



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