5 Sure Shot Ways to Make Money as a Music Producer

Make Money as a Music Producer

I’ve been producing and publishing music for 13 years now, and I’ve learn that the quickest way to lose interest and become uninspired in this industry is through lack of finances. Producing music pays BIG. However, it doesn’t happen overnight so paying that electricity bill which arrives the same time every month is a must.

Here are 5 sure shot ways of making money whilst growing your producing career to keep you inspired and motivated:

1. Selling Beats

Selling your beats through your website or Soundcloud can bring in extra cash. Blogging and providing helpful information to other producers will really allow others to trust you and view you as an expert in your field which will convert into beats sales. Also, see Best Website To Sell Hip Hop Beats

Expert + Trust = Sales

2. Publishing

Signing up to song placement sites like musicgateway.net are great ways to find work as a producer and get your beats or songs placed on TV, radio or films. A LOT of producers leave money on the table by forgetting this option. It’s so easy to get roped into chasing artists and musicians while forgetting TV and filmmakers are constantly looking for music for their projects and willing to pay big $$$ for it.

3. Sell Drum Samples

Creating your own sounds and packaging them as sound packs for purchase can attract a lot of upcoming producers and also their wallets. You’ll be providing the producers community with high-quality kick, snares and other sounds for their production. However, please make sure they are your own sound creations and were not created by somebody else as this would be breaking copyright law.

4. Music Services

As a producer your focus should always be to produce high-quality music which means you should now have access to (or be doing it yourself):

  • Mixing Engineers
  • Vocalists
  • Mastering
  • Voice over recordings
  • Singers

Offer these services to people in need of them and create profit by doing so. Utilize the services YOU are using on a regular basis.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world (2nd to Facebook) so upload your beats to YouTube to gain ‘subscribers’. Once you have subscribers, you can start monetizing your videos and YouTube will pay you once a week for it. Payments can start as low as $15 right up to $10,000.


A good alternative would be to offer you services as a freelancer on specialized websites like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer.com, Careerlancer or even offer your services on Fiverr. Some of the most demanded jobs are those for actual music production & post production, audio mastering, sound design, audio editing and more.

It is important to develop skills like musical skills, motivation, perseverance, self-confidence, sociable – find musicians to collaborate with, open to learning and last but not least it’s important to know how to promote your services, marketing yourself – put together a website, portfolio, social profiles, business cards, build an email list, etc.

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It’s a slow climb, but with patience, exposure, and hard work you can turn your music passion into a career and make a living as a music producer.

There are certainly other ways, but these are the easiest and most affordable ways to make money as a music producer. If you want to add something to this post, please use the comments section below. Thank you!

[author title=”About The Author” image=”https://www.producerspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Thir13een-Beatz.jpg”]Warren Young also known as Thir13een Beatz is a 27-year-old producer from London. Produced for international artist including 50 Cent, Marques Houston and Skepta.[/author]

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