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5 Music Production Tips I wish I knew when I started

5 Music Production Tips For Beginners Tutorials

Music production does lead you towards steep learning curve; it is more important at the time of considering what is required to make the switch from beginner to released artist. As in all the disciplines, skill, patience, and practice are the key to success – but taking on guidance from those more experience can be a valuable part of the process too!

Here are five music production tips which you would wish you knew when you started:

1. Finish as many projects as you can!

Always spare some time to listen to each other after you finish the project and point out the mistakes that need to improve when you make the next track. It’s much better for learning than endlessly tweaking and questioning your efforts while you’re in the midst of a project and couldn’t end up finishing the song. Do repeatedly listen to the songs you like that are similar to your tracks and focus on the arrangement rather than the mixing aspects.

2. Identify your favorite songs!

You should figure out precisely for a reason behind why you like those songs, and what you love about them, by doing this it will help you know your tastes better and gives you direction on which path go on and work on.

3. Don’t rush out and buy every piece of software and hardware!

There are many legitimate freeware products that will suit your choice very well. Second, spend more time understanding frequencies will help you out to no end. Many music producers spent years making tracks that were too filmy, boomy or brittle, because of their ignorance towards the seriousness of understanding frequencies.

4. Choose only one Digital Audio Workstation!

Choose only one Digital Audio Workstation and learn all about the basics that a music producer must know well such as audio editing, applying effects and tracking. DAWs are multifaceted machines, but you will develop skills naturally when you work.

Continue to focus on one DAW, to begin with, and then you can use multiple DAWs (if you want to) by going through this sequence you will learn a lot and easily. All DAWs are amazing tools and choosing one of them is a personal choice.

5. Build a self-learning habit!

Whenever you get stuck or unable to sort out work and how to do something, get in the habit of Google’ing to find the answer, watch YouTube videos for learning more because this is a free yet most important habit to develop if you want to produce great music with great musical ideas.

After much practice, you will comfortably and quickly break through any hurdle about which you are simply not being sure about how something works. Create your own band like the Jagertown band, and stay determined to learn whenever you get the chance of learning something new and especially related to your passion and work.

Author Bio: Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes wedding planner. In her free time, she homeschools work out and listen to live music. Check her blog Green Light Booking.



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