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5 Free Virtual Instruments To Have

5 Free Virtual Instruments To Have

We got your back with great free, VST instruments! A great piece of virtual instrument is an essential part of today’s music. Although – with greatness comes the price tag.

Namely, every rule has an exception and this one is no different than the other ones. We enlisted some free VSTi instruments for you to play around with and maybe even start using some on daily basis.

1. Beat Factory Drums

BeatFactory Drums Free VST Plugin

In the range of some paid drum machines, Beatskillz’s Beat Factory Drums drum plugin is all you need for a good kick (and snare). It is sampled from MPC 2500 and created, as they cite, with high-end outboard gear. Ten drum kits are included with the software, but each drum kit can develop into something else via tweaking and shaping. To download it, simply enter your e-mail address and within seconds you will have yourself a great drum VST. Not bad for a free plugin.

Download: Beat Factory Drums

2. Piano One

Free Piano Virtual Instrument

Developed by a great VST software company, Piano One virtual piano is just a showdown of their other products, but a great one! What matters is the sound that comes out of this plugin. It was sampled from Yamaha C7 concert grand which is one of the classics for big stages.

Equipped with a full pedal system that can be tweaked by sliding bars, a lot of add-ons, and is a truly optimized program for every workflow. It is not as fully functional as their other products, but for what you pay it is more than enough. As they say, this software was made with an agenda of luring you into their other plugins.

Download: Piano One

3. Dexed

Dexed Free VST

Free synth instruments are the most common free VSTs, but this one stands out with the help of the clean interface and easy-to-use controls. Dexed is modeled after the Yamaha DX7 and is perfect for making custom synths as it has a lot of knobs to experiment with.

It is a multi-platform and multi-format synth, each operator has a realtime VU meter to know which one is active and it is capable of loading any DX7/TX7 sysex programs. Also, nice to mention is the totality of their website info that will inform you about DX7 configuration.

Download: Dexed

4. DSK Overture

DSK Overture Free VST Orchestra

Classic orchestra instruments in one VST – and all for free, of course. With over 40 instruments, 1 drum kit, and 10 internal combos DSK Overture free orchestra VST gets your theatrical tracks covered. Almost every aspect of its instruments is tweakable, it has MIDI automation, some implemented sound effects, and a multimode filter. It supports layering (through MIDI channel selector), which means you can play up to four different instruments in the same instance.

Download: DSK Overture

5. Tunefish 4

Tunefish 4 Free VST Instrument

Let’s finish off with a versatile synth that can create just about anything: leads, pads, bass, or anything else needed. Redesigned UI (considering Tunefish 3) makes it more visual than ever. Tunefish 4 free vst synthesizer uses an additive synthesis-based wavetable generator which results in clear sound no matter what you want to model from it.

Many supported effects, automation, improved filters (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Notch), and the noise generator that can produce any frequency of noise with any bandwidth. This version of Tunefish is also ported over to macOS.

Download: Tunefish 4

Free VSTs are great if you are starting off as a new producer, but for that professional sound, you might consider investing in the quality of your plugins. Leave us a comment if you know other great free VST, we’d love to check them out!



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