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5 Best VST/AU Plugins For Sound Designers

It is true that nowadays sound designing is used in numerous fields but the very common problem that every sound designer faces is in the selection of good and reliable sound designing software. The application of sound designing is numerous and this is the very reason why it is in huge demand some of the common fields in which sound designing is thoroughly used are television production, film making, games, and live performances.

It is a fact that the opportunity in this industry is increasing rapidly but for getting good results and for providing the required result you will also have to select the right tool for this very job. A number of sound designing tools are available in the market but there are only a few that can give you the required result and laced up with helpful features. Some of the most popular and best sound designing software/plugins are enlisted below and along with the names of the software, main features, and the properties, you will find prices and links for each software from where you can buy them.

1. Timeless 2 by Fabfilter 

Fabfilter Timeless 2 Plugin
$143 / €113 – BUY NOW

Fabfilter Timeless 2 is the ultimate tool for sound designing which comes with a number of features and it can be easily used by anyone. The numerous features make the whole process of sound designing very easier for the designer. A number of modulation options are also provided which makes the whole process much easier.  Some of the main features of  Fabfilter Timeless 2 are:

  • Feedback, cross-feedback, and phase inversion
  • Over 300 presets
  • Revolutionary interface, using our innovative what-you-use-is-what-you-see concept
  • Easy drag-and-drop modulation with 24-slot modulation matrix
  • Unique per-component presets

Fabfilter Timeless 2 is available in VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native, and AudioSuite formats.

2. Omnisphere by Spectrasonics

Spectrasonics Omnisphere VST Plugin
Price: $499

As the name of this software only sounds very good but the feature of this is quite impressive too. This very software is very flexible and thus it is used widely by numerous sound designers and it has completed and fulfilled the desires of numerous designers. This software includes a vast core library with over 40GB with thousands of sounds. With up to 10 oscillators per patch, a high-definition streaming engine, polyphonic modulation options, FM oscillators, powerful filters, Omnisphere is a cutting-edge tool for sound design and production. Using ‘zoom revamp’ you can easily see your editing choices, and this is a great feature to have.

3. Moog by Universal Audio

UAD Moog VST Plugin
Price: $199

Moog is a voltage controlled filter made for mixing, performing, creating, or destroying. It is a fact that synthesis is one of the most important things for sound designing and is the building block for designing sound. Generally, most of the sound designing software contains filters but if you have a desire to use a separate filter than Moog is worth the money as the result which you will get after using it will be overwhelming and satisfactory than any other filter included by another sound designing software.


  • Licensed recreation of the Moog Four-Pole filter
  • Sophisticated Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandpass filtering with self-oscillation, saturation, and zero artifacts
  • Several classic and modern Moog instrument features combined into one simple control set
  • Six waveshapes, & tempo synchronization for LFOs
  • Mono and Stereo processing, with special features like Spacing and Offset for stereo effects
  • Includes low DSP “SE” version of Moog Multimode Filter

4. Trash 2 by iZotope

 iZotope Trash 2 VST Plugin
$233 / €184 – BUY NOW

Trash 2 by iZotope is a digital distortion plugin that can be used for adding grit and dirt to the effects. It is true that this will increase the budget and cost of the whole sound designing task but by using this you can easily increase your capability and you can get much better results distorting sound in ways you never dreamed of. Trash 2 features over 60 distortion algorithms, perfect for transforming your sound into something never before heard, from massive to mild and everything in between. Also, this great tool features two filter modules, each one featuring new vowel filters, screaming peaks, node modulations, and more. Noisia, The Glitch Mob, Atticus Ross, and Skrillex are just a few of the leading music producers and artists who use and appreciate Trash 2.

Available in 32/64 bit RTAS, AAX, AudioSuite, VST, VST3, Audio Unit, DirectX formats.

5. Native Instruments Kontakt

Native Instruments Kontakt Plugin
Price: €399

Kontakt is probably the most popular software sampler these days because it is very easy to use, you can manipulate the sound in hundreds of ways and even create your own sound libraries. Many do this and a pretty good business arose on the Internet since its release, back in August 2002, when Native Instruments first presented Kontakt v1.0.2. Advanced scripting provides builders with an incredible sonic playground.

The synthesis engine, the vast instrument library, effects, and an advanced sampling framework makes Kontakt to be used by many sound designers and music producers in their projects. Here on ProducerSpot.com we often post new releases about Kontakt libraries (check the link for the latest free samples and Kontakt news).

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