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5 Best Freeware Synthesizers Plugins Released in 2014

Already we are in mid-2014, a first half with many updates and new releases from major labels. Besides new sound packs, plugins effects, new DAWs and new versions of some older programs, some nice synthesizers were launched on Internet that caught our attention and we have posted on our website. Below are 5 popular freeware synthesizers plugins, arranged in chronological order (is not a top).

To read full press releases for each synthesizer click on the plugins titles listed bellow.

1. BumBer Deluxe by BeatAssist.eu 

Free Download BumBer Deluxe VST Synthesizer

This powerful VSTi can create monster beats from five different waveform signals or modify any 16-bit and 24-bit .wav bass drum samples into the big and phat beat.

2. Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE by SonicXTC

Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE Free VST

Hi-NRG Zone Retro is a 3 oscillator synthesizer designed to allow easy access to those old classic synthesizer sounds that defined the “Hi-NRG” vibe on the dance floor.

Highlights: 24 user presets, 16 custom presets, Midi automation, 3 Tunable, Multi-Oscillators, Delay effect, VST 2.4.

3. Acid Zone Retro by SonicXTC

SonicXTC Free Plugins

Acid Zone Retro LE, is a 5 oscillator synthesizer that recreates that old classic synthesizers that brought the “Super Saw” sound to the dance floor.

Highlights: 64 user presets, 32 custom presets, MIDI automation, Delay and Reverb effects.

4. BrainStormer by Roazhon DSP

Free Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

BrainStormer is a freeware virtual analog synthesizer that features 3  stereo oscillators with retrig, phase, wave stretch, stereo dephasing controls. Is available in VST3 and VST2.4 versions for both 32 and 64 bits.

5. YAVA3 by Krakli

YAVA3 - Free Synthesizer Plugin

YAVA3 is a synthesizer plugin designed for big pads and weird sound effects plus rasping leads.

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