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495 Free Retimed and Repitched Samples by SampleRadar

495 Free Retimed and Repitched Samples by SampleRadar

SampleRadar has released a new collection of 495 Free Retimed and Repitched Samples.

Expect to get drum hits, loops, FX, atmospheres hat have been stretched and shifted out of their original form.

This free collection of WAV sounds and samples ia organized into 6 folders, each labelled according to its content.

As I mention, the format is WAV 24-bit, the most common audio format these days for all major music software and soft samplers.

Also, you must know that all the samples included within this collection are 100% royalty free, meaning you can use them in any way you like, the only restriction is that you are not allowed to re-distribute them.

So, if you are looking for something different take a closer look at this free sample pack from SampleRadar, available for free download (725MB) via MusicRadar website. These samples first appeared on Future Music magazine’s cover DVD.

For more details and for example sounds, download options, please follow the link below.

More Details: 495 Free Retimed and Repitched Samples

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