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4 Important Steps of Music Production

4 Important Steps of Music Production

Planning to step into the world of music production? Great! With thousands of music being introducing in every nanosecond, it takes more than just a good musical skill to nail the music production game.

You may have the burning desire to make a good track, but the unclear paths between the music ideas sometimes make it harder to head in the right direction. There are myriad ways to put your masterpiece together and construct a good track that delivers your message as intended.

But for the beginner, music can be simply intimidating with too many things to work on. You can face odd stumbling blocks or frustration along the way unless you know where to start. This is why we’ve explained below the various steps involved in music production to make your process smoother and enjoyable.

Music Composition

This is a challenging step where you brainstorm the melody ideas and apt lyrics to match. With many new songs emerging in the music world every day, it is easy to feel out of words sometimes. But you don’t need to write something super deep or intelligent, just making it a bit interesting and memorable will do the job. You also need to determine what musical instruments or texture of synths will go well with the song.

Just think, what you want it to be sound like once finished and which instrument can create the sound you want.


So, your song has a great verse, chorus, beat, and melody? But if it sounds too repetitive after a while, there can be a problem. This is why you need the arrangement to make it more interesting. The arrangement process involves the selection of instruments playing in each section.

For instance, you may want your 1st verse to have only guitar and vocal while in the 2nd verse you may want to add the bass and drums. Sometimes you want certain instruments to be played during the pre-chorus and introduce other instruments during the second half for climactic impact. This is what can be done in the arrangement stage.


Now that you are done with your songwriting and arrangement, it’s time for some fun. This is where you transform a good recording into great final music. Mixing helps you turn your track into a masterpiece by combining all the instruments you’ve recorded. You need to decide on many critical aspects like which instruments will be louder than others, which will sound upfront or which one will sound far back etc.

Remember, poor mixing can also ruin your song. If you think you will start slapping a specific effect plugin that you just learned across your mixer channels and magic will happen, you are mistaken. You have to learn the ropes or employ the professionalism of mixing to make your song awesome.


Finally, it’s time to handle the mastering process in which you add a professional sheen and magic dust to your tunes. This is where you find minor deficiencies and finalize the track for the public to listen. There are various techniques and tools that help you ensure that the track sounds professional and has a good stereo image (Stereo Finalizer Plugin).

Now that you know the basic steps of music production, follow the steps diligently, and you will be on your way to start off a winning music career.

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