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4 Essential New Drum Kits For Hip-Hop & Trap Producers

Production Master has released a fresh new collection of drum loops and drum samples originally produced for all the Trap and modern Hip-Hop music producers. This new collection is named THE DRUMZ and includes no more and no less than 4 drum kits, each focused on a special style to provide a complete experience.

A lot of people ask us where to get the best drums, but they are often not prepared to invest in commercial sample packs so most of them use the same expired and refurbished free drum kits that you find everywhere on the Internet under different names and forms. Then the producers wonder why their mixes do not sound good. Well, you have to give up these drums reused and abused by thousands of producers, you need fresh new sounds, originally produced from scratch that competition does not have yet.

THE DRUMZ includes 4 Drum Kits: THE FLAVOR, THE CARTEL, LO-REZ and TRAPWRLD totaling over 900 drum loops and over 400 one-shot drum samples suitable for making modern Hip-Hop, Chill Hop, LoFi Hip-Hop, Trap and more. Each kit is available for $10 or you can get the entire THE DRUMZ bundle for a special price of just $29.95.

It’s refreshing to get the best sounds, especially for producers who make music in the comfort of their house, where you can not install real drums or your budget does not allow you the best drum synthesizers. That’s why companies like Production Master and others invest time and dedication to create some of the best sample packs using high-quality equipment and spending hundreds of hours just to get the perfect production tools for you.



Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $24.90.
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