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Best Affordable Active Studio Monitors for Beginners

Best Studio Monitors

If you just start to build your mini studio or want to change the audio monitors that you already have, I present a list of 3 of the best studio monitors for semi-professional studios but with a very good price and high performance and quality.

1. M-Audio BX5 D2

M-Audio BX5 D2M-Audio BX5 D2 – These monitors are very popular. The first version was a top seller in the U.S. between 2009 is 2010. The new version comes with many improvements and a much clearer sound. Price: £ 190.

BX5 D2 monitors are impressively punchy and will be a great choice even you make house music or pop, hip hop. In fact, they’re ideal for any music genre and if you’re looking for something with more bass, you might want to check out the larger BX8 D2s.

2. Behringer Truth B1031A

Behringer Truth B1031A

Behringer Truth B1031A
 – These monitors are very good for making music, mastering, mixing and any studio work where are clear sounds is needed. They are perfect to listen for long periods of time.

The quality is great, they look very nice and the price is very attractive indeed: £ 230.

3. Equator Audio Research D5

Equator Audio Research D5
Equator Audio Research D5
– Very good coaxial active studio monitors with internal DSP. with a great price for the quality and performance. Offers amazing details and comes with a very nice design. The price for these monitors is £ 349 / pair.

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1 thoughts on “Best Affordable Active Studio Monitors for Beginners

  1. Anhedon says:

    I like my wharfedale diamond 8, very nice monitors in their price range. They really made a difference after treating room acoustics. Smaller M-audio dx-4 also helped a lot with mix decisions as they tend to sound awful until you have a mix that translates very well.

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