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3 FREE Useful VST Effects Available at Bakuage.com

3 FREE Useful VST Effects

These days I discovered some very interesting free plugins that caught my attention. I said why I would not share the joy with you.

Bakuage.com offers a new maximizer web tool that can improve your music (something similar to LANDR), but they also offer some great free vst plugins that I’ll introduce to you next.

So, there are 3 plugins: a compressor, a panner and a spectrum analyzer, that will help you in the mastering process, and the best part is all are available for free.


BasicComp Free Compressor VST

BasicComp is high-quality free VST3 compressor plugin that is focused to compress dynamic range naturally.

This compressor is very suitable when it comes to compressing drums and vocal tracks.


ITDPanner Free Panner VST

ITDPanner is a VST3 panner plugin specialized to control the pan of the stereo sound source without degrading the sound quality.

ITDPanner never blends the left channel and the right channel, so it has no sound quality degradation caused by interference of sound.

ITDPanner is based on ITD (Interaural Time Difference) control and balance control technology.


DRAnalyzer Free Analyzer VST Plugin

DRAnalyzer is a VST spectrum analyzer that can analyze the dynamic range for each band.

If normal analyzers show you the instantaneous value of the spectrum in real time, this plugin is able to show you past spectrums as a distribution.

Since it is possible to see the dynamic range for each band from the distribution, compatibility with multiband compressors is outstanding.

You can optionally correct the spectrum according to the human auditory characteristics, so you can see the sound as it is heard.

Download: Bakuage.com Free VST



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