28 FREE Hi-Hat Samples Released by Mayo Staccato

FREE Hi-Hat Samples

Mayo Staccato has recently released a new collection of 28 FREE Hi-Hat Samples called Scads of Hats.

Here is what Mayo have to say about his new free sample pack:

Hello, it’s me again…. I’ve released a new pack on my label Hugsylvania. It’s called Scads of Hats, and I’d be gobsmacked if you covered it.

The Pack contains 28 hi-hat samples I designed from field recordings. It contains 12 closed hat samples, 7 crashes, 9 open hats, and one Glitched hat.

The pack is 8.17 MB unzipped, and 6.55 MB zipped.

All samples are Public domain, so they can be freely Modified and redistributed.

Audio preview here:

Download Link: Scads Of Hats