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Plugin Boutique has announced a great new exclusive deal each day, alongside tons of other fantastic offers during the holiday season!

Click on the link or the image to access the deals!

Their flash sale schedule is as follows:

Dec. 22 – 80% WA Production TheKing

The King is a powerful compressor designed to bring your tracks to life. Accompanied by additional video and audio content, this 12 Days of Christmas promotion is not to be missed!

Dec. 23 – Film Score Bundle

Film Score Bundle

An exclusive bundle of Instruments, Effects, and Samples, designed for the versatile film composer. Featuring Garritan Personal Orchestra, iZotope Iris 2, XLN Audio Addictive Drums & 2 x Sample Packs.

Dec. 24 – RADIO 60% off

Radio VST Plugin

Day two of PluginBoutique’s exclusive 12 Days of Christmas is for their plugin RADIO. Radio lets you stream and sample from a diverse list of internet radio stations, both inside and outside of your DAW. Use Radio as a plugin within your DAW when you are feeling creative, and use it as a standalone application when you simply want to listen to the radio.

Dec. 25 – SoundSpot Up to 90% off

Orbit VST Plugin

Day three comes courtesy of the team over at SoundSpot. Grab up to 90% off Nebula, Oracle, Halcyon, Cyclone, VoxBox, Focus and their brand new offering Orbit!

Dec. 26 – StereoSavage 30% off

Stereo Savage VST Plugin

Day five is on their very own in-house plugin, StereSavage. StereoSavage provides an innovative stereo toolbox, combining tried and tested studio techniques with emulations of modern and classic tools that will bring your mix to life.

Dec. 27 – Kirnu Cream 60% off

Kirnu VST Plugin

Day six of our exclusive 12 Days of Christmas has been provided by Kirnu Interactive. Kirnu Cream is a very powerful MIDI performer VST/AU/LPX MIDI FX plugin for Windows and Mac and is one the best selling plugins!

Dec. 28 – DopeVST 60% off

Dec. 29 – 50% off VirtualCZ

Dec. 30 – 60% off Glitchmachines (plugins only)

Dec. 31 – 50% off Singomakers Fatmaker

Jan. 1 – 40% off BigKick

Jan. 2 – 50% off Carbon Electra

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