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10 Best Affordable Analog Synthesizers To Have

Are you looking for a new analog synthesizer? Here is a list with some of the best 10 analog synthesizers to have.

Analog Keys

by Elektron

Analog Keys Synthesizer by Elektron

The Elektron Analog Keys is more than just the test version of the Analog Four. This four-voice analog synth has 37 keys, which can be used to quickly produce beats and patterns to greasy leads. As a live instrument, the Analog Keys is a real tool, with its multimap split mode and the sequencer options.


by Novation

Novation Mininova Analog Synthesizer

The Novation Mininova is a powerful analog synthesizer and vocoder effects in one device. Novation Mininova provides a very good feedback – each knob, button or switch are in place.

The knobs offer a robust resistance to give you more control over the sound. The pads require more pressure and the switches are really hardware. The keyboard is very solid and has a very good response, while also being quite small.  Novation Nova Mini is a small jewel in the world of analog synthesizers and offers a unique sound manipulation. It is a small unit, perfect for transport or for smaller studios.

Volca FM synthesizer


Korg Volca FM Synthesizer

Relive the old times with the Korg Volca FM. Many recognizable sounds, but without the complexity of the old Yamaha DX synthesizers. Reads DX7 sysex has chorus and arpeggiator, and maximum portable!

TB-03 Bassline Boutique

by Roland

Roland TB-303 Bassline Synth

Inspired by famous Roland TB-303 Bassline Synth, but very compact and suitable for Roland Boutique system. The TB-03 produces effortless sawtooth and block shape bass synth sounds, with a range of options.

Montage 8 Synthesizer

by Yamaha

Yamaha Montage 8 synthesizer

It’s easy to be impressed by the Yamaha Montage 8 synthesizer. The many controls, the two sound engines (AWM2 and FM-X), the large touch display and topklanken make this product a hit.

Micro Brute

by Arturia

Arturia Micro Brute

Even smaller than the Mini Brute not to be overlooked: the Arturia Micro Brute. An analog synth with 25 mini keys, single oscillator, filter section and even a micro-patchbay. Analog feast for everyone!


by Moog

Moog Mother-32 Synthesizer

A Moog in the form of a Eurorack? Yes, this is it! The Mother-32 is a Eurorack module with very many possibilities, if only because of the patch 32 holes. Enter the real sound tweakers.

Prophet 6

by Dave Smith Instruments

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6 Synthesizer

The Prophet 6 is a new top synthesizer Dave Smith, this time under his own brand Sequential old. Analogously, with six voices, effects, step-sequencer, one button per function and much more.

Reface CP

by Yamaha

CP Synthesizer by Yamaha

This Reface CP brings the 60, 70 and 80 back at your fingertips again. Portable and compact, and yet the top quality sound of the Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Toy Piano and CP80. With effects and simple operation.


by Roland

System-1m by Roland

The popular Aira series has once again extended; this time with the System 1m, a semi-modular virtual analog synthesizer. Actually, the module version of the System 1 in Eurorack format and patch holes.

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