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10 Tips Before You Start Mixing/Mastering Your Tracks

10 Tips Before You Start Mixing Your Tracks

Today’s ten tips I add to you as just taken, or are about to take, your first staple step into the little puzzling world of music production, mixing, and audio mastering. Yet, this is a reminder to us who fought for a while and sometimes tramples around in the same old track.

I would like to emphasize that this is not about correct tips in the sense of “screw-like this, so lets it sound like this.” Instead, see these well-meaning items as a knob in the right direction toward better mixes. Let’s go!

1. Mixing, in its purest form, is about finding the balance between different instruments and making them co-act as a whole.

Certainly, EQ plugins and compressors are important, not to say necessary. But the most important tools are the volume and your own ears.

2. Learn to work with what you have.

The supplied plugs in your DAW (recording program) are guaranteed to be more than enough. It is tempting to get the very latest, but the fact is that this rather steals more than help, especially when you are learning the basics.

3. Good listening is A and O, but it definitely does not have to be the most expensive.

A pair of studio monitors (alternatively studio headphones) that you feel you can trust and a studio environment that you feel comfortable working with, however, are both prerequisites for a good result.

4. Listen to music you like (and dislike) and analyze this meticulously.

Learn to listen critically, both on your own and others’ music. Compare and reference listen.  What does the chorus get to lift? What are the effects of the lead singer? Why does the guitar sound like it does? What feel does the mix give you and why?

In the long run, this will give you a better understanding of music production in general and also streamline your own mix.

5. The more you mix, the better you will be.

Practice, practice, and rehearse. Do again do right. If you fail a hundred times, which you will do, you have learned something valuable never forget it. But…

6. If you are stuck, start starting from the beginning.

You save guaranteed time and do not get mad on the coup.

7. Trust your own taste and judgment.

That’s what makes you unique!

8. The Solo Button is your worst enemy.

No one cares about how well an instrument sounds alone, that’s the whole that counts (see point 1).

9. It does not matter what DAW you are using.

Everyone sounds as good, or badly, depending on who carries the levers.

10. You will never be 100% satisfied, no matter how much experience you have.

Take care of the thought and move on.

These are some of my tips for the beginners and not only. Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments section below, you can definitely help others.

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