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10 Best Ways To Promote Your Music In 2023

10 Best Ways To Promote Your Music In 2022

For the artist in you, for the musician in you, for that creative instinct that is still in you, you have created a piece of music. Now the next step is to make people listen to that authentic piece of your creativity.

And you are seeking the idea to promote your music in the best possible way in 2022 so that it can reach the maximum audience.

Only creating content for social media posts cannot do much for your music these days, everyone is doing it. There is something more than that you should actually have a marketing strategy for promoting your music to a wider number of audiences.

Your fans need to know more about you than just your music. You can share your journey about your music all just by distributing your steroid and content on different platforms.

If you search endlessly and put your music on the internet then that might not have helped you. But don’t worry we are here to tell you 10 top ways to promote music on the internet that actually works.

Here are 10 of the best ways to promote your music online.


Creating your website for your brand and music is the primary step that you need to take. A music website is a place where your fans can find you. You can update all the music, new releases, discography, events, and all the info that you want to share on the website.

It is the most robust way to get your fans and community to connect with you and your music directly. Your website can be a one-stop way To Promote Music on the internet. Buying a domain with your custom name can make your fans reach you even faster.

You can tell them about the journey, your band people, and the process of how you make your music in a better way. It is your journal to show the world your incredible stories.

You might as well go to a music reviewer’s website to pitch them to review your music website. Y this way you will be able to list on their website and your website can be seen by their audience. So by this, you have grown the visibility of your website.

You will have better control being your property, no matter if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc … by absurdity disappear one day, your site will be standing.

Email list

Email marketing serves as one of the best marketing strategies to promote anything online. If you are trying to promote your newly released music then you should go for email marketing.

Building an email list can help you get attention even from the sources that you don’t know, you can keep adding new emails to your emailing list and send them regular emails about the updates that you want to share. Your email list can be a good recipient of receiving your monthly newsletters as well.

You can keep your recipients of the email list engaged by sharing various valuable information that might help them. By doing so you are building a community that holds on to you and by this, you can keep growing your fanbase.


According to Scanteam, writing a blog is a great way to offer insight into your career, and regular updates show that you’re an active musician. In addition to building a deeper relationship with your fans, writing a blog about your music can also help with your website’s SEO.

Without being too self-promotional, create blog posts that talk about your music every week or two.

These could include insight into your creative process, roundups of new music you’ve been loving, or personal stories about your life as a musician. Keep in mind you can repurpose the content for newsletters or social media updates as well.

Make a blog about your music, to tell your fans about the journey and process of how you make music. You can connect better with your listeners through this medium of a music blog. You can use SEO to its best and put that blog on your website to make it reachable to a wider audience.

You can write blogs to send them as newsletters to your fans. You can post all the updates about your brand on it. Share the link of your blog on your social media handles so that they can go and read about you. And that’s how you start your regular monthly newsletter.

Music blogs

Music Blogs are an efficient way of promoting your music online. You just need to find a music blog and that too famous music blog online. You can do research and put your time into finding something that will possibly benefit you.

All you need to do is find some music blogs and ask them to write about your music and your brand in a small description in their blog. Through the way, you and your music will reach all the amazing readers of that blog.


Podcasts are the new medium on which people like to hang on. It is easier to listen to podcasts when you are on a drive, or you are doing your morning run or doing any sort of work, you can just listen to it and work your things out at the same time.

A podcast is a passive way to listen as it does not require giving proper time and attention to it. That is why more people love the idea of podcasts to improve their learning by doing their work at the same time. It is a radio show without ads in it.

So, you know now that podcasts are very famous these days, so featuring your music on a podcast can make you famous as well. You can get an interview on a podcast and get your music featured on it. It will help you and your music to reach out to new and wider audiences.

To start featuring your music on a podcast, you all need to start with your talk and about your brand with regular or weekly episodes. You can also pitch to a well-known podcaster to feature your music on the theories podcast.

Just take some time out and research the podcasts that could potentially make you promote your music in a better way. They can become a cool music marketing tool through which you can reach newer people. If you enjoyed it, why not check out more content from the author, Michelle Thomas.


Facebook, is known and used by billions of people around the globe. It is people’s first choice when coming to promote anything online. As the reach of Facebook is high, so do the people getting to know about the thing that you are promoting.

In this case, promote your music online. Facebook can be a really good platform to promote your music online. You can reach a new audience organically, but these days getting an organic reach is becoming increasingly high.

So many other ways can work out. You could potentially run a music ad campaign on Facebook, in which you can add a short clip of your music with some story and post it.

With the help of Facebook ad manager and Facebook ad campaign, you and your music can get the attention that it deserves. It is considered to be the most affordable platform on which you can promote your music online. So choose wisely with the type of campaign you want to run to make your music go viral.


Instagram is the most used social platform in today’s time. And If you create something and do not promote it on Instagram then you are missing some of the great attention on the planet earth.

With over a billion users on Instagram and various content creation options on Instagram, you can easily feature your music there and reach a wider audience.

There are different tools that you can use to increase your reach and make your music viewable to a large audience. You can use your music on reels and allow people to remix it and see the music go viral on Instagram.

You can buy and run some campaigns as well to make the maximum reach on the platform by using ads. You can advertise using the same campaign that you run on Facebook as you integrate both of them.


Youtube is the best way to find your music with ease. It is a massive video platform where you can get views and subscribers around your music channel, it makes your music discoverable to a larger community of people.

You can reach out to a wider audience and build a community around your music brand. It can be a good platform that can be used for streaming your music.

You can easily put your music video online by putting a title and a little catchy description. With the help of tags, you can increase the visibility of your music video.

For your youtube video, you can create an embeddable youtube video link that you can add to your music website and all other social media platforms.

And not just you one single video, you can start a weekly music episode in which you can start telling your journey with music, in this way your audience will feel a deep connection with you and you can easily promote your next music in a much easier way. Just by putting it on youtube.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the new social media platform that has seen rapid growth in recent times. It gained popularity due to its 15-sec video featuring option. Tiktok immensely gained the attention of people all around the world. It is quite famous among the Genz people with lots of becoming TikTok stars in just a small age.

The short video format makes it easier for people to communicate with their audiences and you don’t need to have big camera setups to record the video as well, just with your phone camera you can make a masterpiece on which you can have background music.

Now comes the role of your music, you need to create short videos on your music. And these videos have the maximum organic reach of any other social media platform. In this way, you can easily make your song promotion in less than 15 seconds, which can make people voice your music.

Organic reach is an added advantage as you don’t need to pay or spend any single dollar on promoting the TikTok posts. It is simple and engaging at most times. With the growing popularity of TikTok, you can make yourself and your music go crazy as well.


Soundcloud is the most artist-friendly platform among all others available. It has different niches and genres in which you can directly upload your music. It supports a huge community of different music lovers out there. You can make your music available on Soundcloud.

Users can sign up on SoundCloud and directly put their music on it. You can SoundCloud and upload demos of your music, you can integrate with other fellow artists and listeners to start building a community around your brand.


This blog must have helped you figure out ways that can help you promote your music online. Getting attention these days is not that difficult if you are doing that through legitimate ways.

All the above ways from putting your music on your website or promoting it on Facebook or Instagram, these ways will help you with getting your music the recognition that it deserves. So keep your head straight and keep building cool music.

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