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10 Best Sample Packs For Dubstep / Riddim Music

10 Best Dubstep Sample Packs Riddim Sample Packs

Dubstep is very minimalistic and dominated by deep basslines. Add to that the drums in halftime, which take the speed from 140 BPM. There are also vocal samples, screaming lead sounds, and all sorts of rhythmic gimmicks. Subforms would be Chillstep, Brostep, Ghoststep, Darkstep, and Dubstep Metal. Dubstep, in its various forms, is a very versatile, experimental, and multi-layered style of electronic music.

If you want to make Dubstep or already make it but need more inspirational material, we have gathered for you some of the best Dubstep sample packs you can get to enhance your music as never before. All these Dubstep sample packs are available in our store under a royalty-free license, so you can use any sound, loop, samples, presets in any of your commercial releases without extra costs.

Let’s start with:

Production Master - Riddim Dubstep 4


Production Master is one of the best when it comes to Dubstep sample packs. Riddim Dubstep Weapons 4 is loaded with over 700 Mb of top quality audio material such as basses, drums, percussions, vocal shots, subs, FX and some amazing harmonic loops. Besides all the Wav loops and samples it also includes over 100 presets for Serum plugin. So if you want to make dubstep this pack is your starting point for sure!

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The Void - Deep & Dark Dubstep Loops


The Void by Production Master is another best Dubstep sample pack which brings some darkest and sinister Dubstep sounds. Expect to find dark bass loops, drum samples, FX, melodic loops, vocal effects and much more. Each sound was crafted by pro producers using authentic studio gear and recroding gear to ensure you will get just original sounds.

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Riddim Dubstep Weapons - Dubstep Sample Pack


Production Master, this extraordinary talented label from UK releases a whole series of Riddim Dubstep Weapons (4 volumes at this date). Here we have the Riddim Dubstep Weapons Volume 3, which encompasses all the Dubstep and Riddim sound collection you need. Filled with over 100 presets for Serum synth, bass loops and bass single samples, drums, percussionm, Dubstep FX and vocals, you need this sample pack!

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Brutal Dubstep & Riddim - Loops, Serum Presets, Ableton Racks


Whoever has bought Black Octopus sound packs so far knows what quality we are talking about here. These sinister sounds reproduce exactly the sound of the Dubstep genre. Serum patches, Ableton racks, Drums, Basses, Vocals, all are inside this brutal Dubstep library of sounds which defines the genre.

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Alien Weaponry 2 - Modern Bass Essentials Dubstep Sample Pack


Whether you believe it or not in aliens, this sound pack really sounds extraterrestrial. Huge 808s, sound effects, Serum presets, impacts and much more mind-melting loops and samples are waiting to be discovered inside of this sample pack.

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Black Octopus - Riddim Apocalypse - Bass Loops


Also from Black Octopus we have this sound pack focused on bass sounds which includes over 180 bass one-shot samples and 50 bass loops isnpired by the best producers of the genre. “Riddim Apocalypse is the bass toolkit you can’t live without!”

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Production Master - Subhertz 2 - Dubstep Loops


Also from Production Master is the Subhertz II sample pack filled with more dark Dubstep loops and samples inspired by artists such as Benga, Skream, Skepta, Mala, Kode9 and more others. Inside you will find dark plucks, distorted synths, deep wobbly one-shots, ethnic instruments and gorgeous soundscapes. This is another great sample pack you should check for sure.

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Production Master - Subhertz Dubstept Loops Sample Pack


Inspired by producers and artists such as Skepta, Skream, Hatch, Digital Mystikz, Mala, Kode9, and more, this is the first volume of SUBHERTZ series produced and offered to us by Production Master, this master-mind of EDM sample packs. Like the second volume, this one is also huge including bass loops, bass samples, drums, melodic loops and samples, vocals, textures and much more.

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Exterminate Dubstep Samples Sound Pack


Exterminate is that dubstep sample pack which will give you the walls and foundations of your Dubstep tracks. With over 800 Mb of thunderous loops, samples, effects, voacals and Serum presets this Dubstep pack is an essential tool for any producer who want to step into the world of distorted sounds and heavy basses of Dubstept music.

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Filthy Dubstep Loops and Samples Pack


Another product that deserves to be on our list is this Filthy Dubstep from Certified Audio. You can expect anything from this sound pack. All the sounds were recorded and original produced in the sound characteristic of the label. With many basses, drums and effects, this digital libraru of sounds fits perfectly into the arsenal of any Dubstep maker who needs new sounds and fresh new inspiration.

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Here are just some of the best Dubstep sample packs available at our site according to the customers and the value included inside these products. All of these Dubstep and Riddim sound libraries are licensed as Royalty-Free so they can be used in any kind of commercial production without having to pay extra money. Enjoy making best music!

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