New Mixing Plug-in

Prestige Racks

by Noiseash

Introducing the Prestige Racks! An unparalleled blend of timeless tones, powered with modern features. Prestige Racks offer you a very easy and fast workflow while authentically replicating the fascinating tones of classic analog equipment.



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Oh my god im dropping a whole new Wave of beats with this pack!! Kryptic Samples PLEASE MAKE A VOL.2 PLEASE!!Product: Versailles

Great vst…alot of high quality sounds and the learning curve is pretty quick. Easy installation and verification process.Product: Xpand!2

Awesome midi pack. Everything u need to make hip hop and trap beats for months maybe years maybe forever.Product: MIDI PACK BUNDLE

I really like the interface of the NEO Multi-effect Plugin. It’s got a slick look and takes all the sound effects like EQ, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb, and puts them all in an easy-to-use, compact space. It quickly became my go-to effects unit. Just remember to not only click the effect you want (Reverb, for example) but also click on the little circle to the left of the name to activate it. Somehow, I find it easy to overlook clicking on that tiny target. But overall, a nice effects unit.

Product: NEO Multi-Effect

The best plugin at a very cheap price to start with. Highly recommended ?Product: Xpand!2

Blasting my boy’s speakers to this pack!! I am all over this one!! Haha such a great sound from this!Product: Ice Tray

This collection of 30 piano settings is a steal at twice the price. This is a fantastic sounding piano VST!Product: Mini Grand VST

I really like this synth, many useful sounds that can be used in all kinds of music production. Best piano sound.Product: Tape Piano

My 808 Ammo Box!!! The look and sounds of this VST make me feel like I’m in a foxhole surrounded by BOMB 808s…Product: X-Eight

Didn’t expect this to go this hard!!! I’m blown away by the Look and Sound of this VST….Thanks Producer Spot!Product: Trax

This was my first sound kit/Sample Pack that I’ve bought and honestly, I can see why people do it, opened it up and spent hours messing with the samples… good shit!!Product: Wild Trap 2

Outstanding female vocalist with clean recordings. Great clean and processed samples. Easy to use for a quick workflow to get projects done quickly with quality!Product: Latina House Vocals

Beautiful guitar loops that can be used effectively in many mixes.Great clean and processed samples. Easy to use for a quick workflow to get projects done quickly with qualityProduct: Bailando Reggaeton

I have most of the sought after software instruments. However, when I found out about your plugins, I really like what I was hearing. I had to add these to my arsenalProduct: Poizen

This is one of my first plugins I purchased and I have to say that I love it. It is easy and fast too work with and really has some nice sounds. I really like the basses.Product: FINGERPRINT

Price/Quality is very good. I make a lot of hiphop so some samples and loops are very usefull to me. Personally love the snares and percs too.Product: Gangsta Rap

Couldn’t have found a more perfect vocal ambient. Was exactly what I was looking for. Just fantastic!Product: Vocal Atmospheres

50 kits for $50? yep, & they sound great …super easy to navigate & find the sounds you need !!! banging drums baby !!!Product: TRAX

The Trax plugin provided exactly what I needed and was really easy to navigate. It is definitely one of my top VSTs.Product: TRAX

Great product very happy. Would like to see expansions released!Product: Heat Pulse

very good vst in general mind for the %50 discount. looking forward to seeing more from you guys thanksProduct: Modern Sauce

Great pack I’m putting some R+B instrumentals together this will help thanks!Product: Dope R&B 3

Great sample pack. Only wish that loops are not broken down to every instrument. Chopping whole loops makes thing move quicker. Overall worth the money.Product: Feeling Up

Great sounding kits. Already mastered with much punch. Excellent!!Product: Boomin Cookup

These sounds are heavy and well made, as with anything, they’ll need your patience to make something great, stick with em. Best out there.Product: Heavy Duty Jump-Up