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The Mix Toolbox EZmix Presets Pack by Toontrack

Download The Mix Toolbox EZmix Presets Pack by ToontrackToontrack launches The Mix Toolbox - EZmix Pack, a new collection of presets for their EZmix 2 VST Plugin.

From engineer Mark Hallman, known for his work with Carole King, Ani DiFranco and Toontrack’s Americana EZX, comes a collection of audio tools specially designed to overcome some of the most classic mix and master hurdles you might find yourself in – a bag of tricks that shouldn’t be missing in anyone’s creative palette.

All in all, The Mix Toolbox is a demonstration in how to keep things natural without compromising the ever so important in-your-face factor. It presents a collection of extremely well-crafted presets that all balance on Mark’s more than 30 year history of mixing, mastering and producing know-how.

Open the Mix Toolbox. Harness your digital audio. Unleash your creativity.

Price for EZmix Pack is 39 EUR or $49 USD. Check Here

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